How it works

Renting a boat should be as simple and smooth as renting a car. Our rental boats are never older than three years and are carefully reviewed before each rental. The boats are well equipped, and insurance is always included in the rent. You don’t need any nautical exam or papers to rent a boat but some experience is recommended. As captain of the boat, you are responsible for ensuring that the boat is driven in a reassuring manner and that you have the experience and competence required.
We always offer a customized shorter training on how to handle the boat when you pick it up at the marina.

During the rental time a berth is always available to use at the marina.

Rental time

You can rent for a day, weekend or even a whole summer*. The most popular weeks are nr. 26 to 32 so make sure you book early if this is the time you have in mind.

The price depends on how long you rent the boat.

We offer reduced prices between week 1-25 and week 33-52
* The summer season rent is from 1st of May to 1st of September. Contact us for more information and booking.

How to book

You book and pay smoothly and easily online. Under Book rental boat you see which models are available together with specifications and prices. If you have questions or special requests regarding your booking, contact us via email or phone.


Once at the marina, contact the Sjöbutiken or Harbour office to pickup the rental boat. Our knowledgeable staff always give a review of the rental boat and its equipment and here you have the opportunity to ask questions and get tips on routes and excursion destinations. We always adapt the review according to the sea habits and experience of the renter. The rental boat is always full with fuel.

The pickup time depends on which date the rent starts on.

Return of boat

On return, we go through the boat together to see that no damage or abnormal wear has occurred. The boat is returned with a full tank, which is done at Dyvik Marina's dock. The boat must also not be left abnormally dirty.

The return time depends on which date the rent ends.

Insurance, deductible and deposit

The rental boats are insured against marine damage, liability and theft, provided that the boat is driven with good seamanship, proper handling and in accordance with the law. The boat must also be locked when not in use.

During the rental period, free assistance from Sjöassistans is included in case anything happens that should require assistance.

A deposit corresponding to the deductible of SEK 7,500 is paid upon delivery and is paid back upon return without damage. It is possible to buy at a 50% deductible reduction. A damage valued at less than the deposited amount is deducted from the deposit upon reimbursement. 

Changes or cancellations

You can change or cancel your boat rental up to 24 hours before the agreed start for the rental at a cost of 10% of the total boat rental. If less than 24 hours remain, the cost is 100% of the total boat rental.

If the "Rebooking Guarantee" option has been purchased, you can rebook the date free of charge up to three days (72 hours) before the agreed start. 

The booking fee is not charged if the cancellation is due to the lessee being prevented from traveling according to the authorities' regulations.

For seasonal hire other rental terms apply, please contact us for more information.

Compelete rental terms

When booking, you must accept our rental conditions. You can also read them by Click here.